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Is your ERP providing you with the right answers?

  • What are your trends with regards to revenue, cost and volume?

  • Which of your products provide the best income and margins?

  • If your Sales are in line with your forecasts and budgets?

  • Which of your products are giving you the best returns?

  • If you are carrying too much inventory to meet demand?

  • Can your existing production capacity meet demand?

  • Which of your customers provide the best margins?​

  • Are you paying too much for some of your parts?

  • If your sales team are giving too much discount?​

  • Which of your customers pay on time?

  • If you are you delivering on time?

  • Other important business areas?

Sophia can tell you with the click of a button and show you where to make important changes

Your System collects so much data, but most of it probably doesn't get used.
 Do You Know:
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