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SOPHIA is a powerful tool to measure and record trends and planning information for any manufacturing/distribution business.

She collects data from your existing business transaction system 24/7 and provides reports and analysis to show you where to focus your efforts to improve your business.

Meet Sophia

By combining the ability of Cyberquery to get to the required data and process it quickly with the SOPHIA reports and standard industry metrics definitions, the opportunities for real Supply Chain Intelligence and Profitability become clear.

SOPHIA is an integrated business reporting solution that covers:

  • S&OP Functionality and Categorisation

  • Industry Standard Performance Metrics – Good Baseline

  • Pareto-style Analysis of Supply, Demand and Inventory

  • Insight into Data Quality

  • Quick to deploy, Quick to use, Quick to deliver – some under 24 hours

  • Brings transparency to the real picture and the underlying reasons

  • Immediate or very fast instance of the first S&OP

  • Automatically access over 60 industry standard performance metrics

  • … that are well documented by APICS but often not well used!

  • Gain time to work on and grow the business vs. fighting fires

  • Analysis of what’s working well, as well as what needs improvement

  • Secure – internally and externally

  • SOPHIA leverages data assets

  • SOPHIA leverages experience and knowledge

Developed while consulting to manufacturing and distribution

Australian Manufacturer’s results:

  • 53% improvement in Inventory

  • 37% improvement in Revenue

  • 28% improvement in Forecast

  • 15% improvement in Overall Efficiency

  • "Sometimes even when you don't know what you want SOPHIA will help you find it."

  • "Getting to the detail is what makes SOPHIA for me. It’s great to have the helicopter view but if there’s a wrinkle I want to see what’s under there."

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