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We are sure that you will have many questions so for ease of use, we have split your questions into major areas:





Which ERP systems can SOPHIA connect to?


SOPHIA can connect to any ERP capable system. It currently connects to 9 different ERP systems including QAD and Microsoft Dynamics (including AX).


We are about to change ERP systems, can we still use SOPHIA?


Yes, in fact SOPHIA will make your change easy as she is designed to bridge ERP systems making the data appear as one continuous stream even if you change all the supplier, customer and part numbers. SOPHIA is also designed to help you to prepare to change systems with data cleansing and transfer facilities ready for the new system.


We have lots of different databases connecting our data, can SOPHIA bridge them?


SOPHIA can connect to any data source including Excel and text files. It is not difficult to bridge the data with Cyberquery even if the keys are disconnected. We have some excellent mapping facilities available to you to ensure it is



How many companies can SOPHIA have added to it?

SOPHIA is designed for companies to expand. There is no limit to the number of companies which can be added, there is a charge for companies to be added and there is a practical limit to the way companies may need to be grouped for sensible display.


How long will it take to connect to SOPHIA?


If we have your ERP system mapped, SOPHIA is typically built in a few hours. If your ERP system is not mapped not, we have developed some high level tools to isolate the required data in your ERP system with demonstrated results within 2 weeks regardless of the system.


How do we know the data is right?


SOPHIA has several critical elements to ensure the data is a true reflection of what is in your system. During install, we review (with some experienced users) both mass balancing techniques (Revenue, Cogs, Inventory, Supply Production etc) and fine detail spot checks on the top few products. SOPHIA is completely refreshed every run, (i.e. all data is delete and the new input data is loaded in replacing all old data). It is also monitored by us as system updates, network failures, and interruptions sometimes happen.


Can we get access to reports in different formats?


SOPHIA outputs a number of standard sets of reports via email on a regular basis typically in pdf. However, these can be in HTML or Excel and Cyberquerys native format. It is also possible to create other formats too including Word documents although these tend to suffer from font problems.



Is Cyberquery essential on our side and can we use it for our own reporting?


Cyberquery is a product of Cyberscience Corporation and SOPHIA itself is written using Cyberscience products exclusively. Cyberquery is highly stable over decades reducing variability. It can be used to write reports on areas not covered by SOPHIA and or customised inclusions in performance measurement such as HR, Environmental, Quality, Service and Industrial measurements. Finally Cyberquery is the only product we know with the extensive features required to produce a comprehensive product like SOPHIA.


Can we write our own reports if we know Cyberquery?


SOPHIA is not currently set up to do this because of security. We have found most information provided is enough to run the business and satisfy your needs and through customisations we can do this more efficiently. We are happy to discuss your options with you.


We are a little different can we have customised reports?


Yes, customised reports are OK and if it fits the product, we will include it in the standard product. If it is highly specialised, it will remain as a customisation. Performance measures are a special case as they may come from different systems such as HR, QA and environmental monitoring.


What consulting packages?


We offer consulting packages which range from Platinum (2 days consulting per month) to Bronze (1/2 day consulting per month). These are payable yearly in advance. They can be used to connect to other systems, change reports, automate packs, advise improvement or educate and train people.


Our company is weak in some areas such as IT or Supply Chain is SOPHIA still applicable?


SOPHIA is designed to have very low impact on your resources but has a high impact on value because of her extensive analysis. You can also take advantage of our supply chain consultants through a partnership program.



How many users can SOPHIA have?


SOPHIA can have an unlimited number of users but administration costs can increase over 10 users unless it is automated.


We have trillions of records will it be slow?


SOPHIA uses cloud and Cyberquery and is designed to respond quickly. The cloud has a large number of exciting new features to improve speed further. 


How many companies can SOPHIA have added to it?


SOPHIA has no limit; it just becomes a redefinition of Divisions to ensure it is not unwieldy after you hit one screen full of companies.



Will SOPHIA keep my data secure if it is in the cloud?


The cloud computers we choose have a jurisdiction the same as your company (typically head office unless requested otherwise) and there are only two connections to the cloud computer. (Yours and our maintenance port) Even the data is protected within SOPHIA end to end.


Some users are unable to see particular screens and report information?


SOPHIA has her own security and unless you are allowed to see things (typically containing margins), some reports may be



Our IT function will NOT insist that all data is run in house?


SOPHIA has security which is probably greater than your existing systems, and we can discuss this with your IT people. If there are still genuine concerns, we can install in house for an additional cost.

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